Day 2: Sunday

What can I say. It’s been a great day.

We were blessed this morning to attend church at iglesia de rescate with our host congregation.

This is a home church hosted in the home of the pastors. The service was powerful and a true reminder of the picture in revelations of people from every nation praising God. Worship was led in both Spanish and English. They welcomed us with open arms.

Following service we headed back to the retreat center for lunch.

After lunch we heard from the missionaries serving at the retreat center. They have big plans for this place and are going through the process so they can provide shelter to unaccompanied minors that have crossed the border. They have a lot of work todo but their call, passion, and drive is evident. We also got to see the bus that is used during the week to help educate children. The bus is the answer to prayers and is a project of love.

We had planned to go explore this afternoon but storms derailed our plans. Instead we took time to rest, enjoy the pool and work on our vbs for tomorrow. The group has dedicated themselves and did amazing work this afternoon preparing to meet the kids tomorrow. After dinner of spaghetti, salad and bread we made our way to pick up some scooters that will give away this week. We made a stop at Dairy Queen on the way home for ice cream.

We just finished our evening debrief and it is evident that God continues to move through this team.

Continue to join us in praying for the weather and for the kids we will see tomorrow.

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