VBS Day 2, God's protection, and Giggles

Our team has decided that one of the greatest things is hearing the kids giggle and there was a ton of it today. Whether they were playing with balloons, enjoying the playground, or having fun in games playing duck duck goose we were all laughing.

We have been so blessed and God's protective hand has been with us. Two days in a row when we have had intense storms heading our way they have cleared up or moved around us. It has been incredible seeing how God has protected us from these storms (our VBS is outside). Today we drove through heavy rain and arrived with heavy rain but just before the majority of the kids arrived the clouds cleared. Continue to join us in praying that we will remain storm free over the next couple of days.

Our team continues to see God moving through these kids and families we are working with. Today's Big Idea is that "When we use our gifts from God we serve". Most importantly we continue to teach the kids that they are loved by God. We heard from one mom whose little girl made this observation when they got home tonight: "Mom I could see that the youth that came to talk about Jesus...they showed so much love that the kids want them to stay and live here". As their youth pastor this overfills me with joy.

Our team is doing incredible. They are learning and adapting when needed. They are showing love and care for these children. They are diving deep into their faith during our devotions. Continue to pray for them. They are tired and at times their energy wanes...pray that God will help them finish strong. They get so energized by being around our VBS kiddos though.

We gave all of our little detectives magnifying glasses tonight to help them remember that when we need to uncover the mysteries of our faith and the Bible they can find it but going to the Bible...the answers are all there.

We appreciate all of the prayers...keep them coming.

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